Indexes that are available at the Institute

The Grim Reaper

Index for the Grim Reaper
These are obituaries that have been taken from old newspapers in Maryborough named "The Alert" from 1928 to 1939 with 1938 missing.
Download "The Alert Index" PDF format

We also have available the Register of Patients Maryborough Hospital 4/1/1881 to 6/3/1885 and the Register of Deaths Maryborough Hospital 4/1/1875 to 3/8/1933.

Also available are CD's for Maryborough Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions 6500 names. $95 plus $1.00 for each photo of a grave or tombstone.

The Grim Reaper CD is the Obituaries from the Alert Newspaper from 9 March 1928 to 29 December 1939. Available for $20.

At present the volunteers are typing up an old Gossip Column from the same newspaper from the 20's and 30's.